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I aim to live my life in line with my ideals of simple, organic, healthy living and am continually striving to lessen my impact on our earth. I seek to nurture a sustainable life style in the sea of a technologically chaotic and consumptive society. At the root of my busy, full life, I am dedicated to my own spiritual, emotional, and intellectual evolution, always working to be the best that I can be - a continual unfolding process. I find this process continues to spiral around, bringing me to higher and higher levels of teachings, each appearing when I am ready.  I honor where I have been, where I am now, and where I am heading - learning much on each pass of the spiral. It is powerful medicine.

Since 1990, my home has been Eugene, Oregon. I am honored to be momma for two amazing boys, Logan (1997) and Terran Oliver (2006), and step-daughter McKenzie (1997). In addition to my work guiding other's healing processes, and managing and leading Mysteries of Egypt, LLC tours, I am the graphic designer for my family’s organic, fair trade coffee company, Café Mam. I volunteer year round in a variety of capacities for the Oregon Country Fair, which hosts an annual arts and music event every second weekend in July just outside Eugene. In 2008, I founded a Time Bank called the Emerald Valley Time Exchange, which in 2013 merged with a similar group and is now Kindista.  Its mission is to provide a place where members can offer their gifts and in turn receive the help they need. I have a  master’s degree in transpersonal psychology with a concentration in ecopsychology from Naropa University. In 2014 I created the Zahra Handworks Foundation and serve as its executive director.

I invite you to review my Resume of Experience and to read more about my Offerings.

You are also welcome to Contact Me with any queries. I look forward to connecting with you.

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