I have a tanspersonal psychology master’s degree with a concentration in ecopsychology from Naropa University. This degree provides a profound academic container to hold the spiritual learnings of my life. I define ecopsychology as the interconnectivity of the psyche, ecology, and spirit through the recognition of the interconnected, interdependence of all parts of the whole. Humanity lives within a holonic living system and would not survive without it. This means we are not defined by the boundary of our skin or our minds, but are, in fact, in relationship with the whole of the interconnected web of life on this planet and possibly even beyond to the cosmos. Additionally, ecopsychology recognizes that humanity has come to a place where it views itself as something other than nature or something to dominate and control the planet and all her resources. This split from our source has a myriad of consequences such as the degradation of the planet to create an endless stream of consumer goods for our entertainment and distraction. Ecopsychology offers solutions through various practices, rites of passages, rituals, and reconnection to the earth from which we all come.


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