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The Egyptian Mysteries are an essential aspect of my life and practice. The mysteries are a recognition that the neteru, the ancient pantheon of Egypt, offer a connection to the past that is very much alive in the present through their archetypal patterns which move within each of us. My time spent in Egypt since 2012 has brought me to a place where I feel a sweet relationship with the land and people. On my visits to the sacred temples and working with Zahra Handowrks Foundation, this relationship continues to develop. Each time I return, I gain a deeper understanding and relationship to alchemical processes and the allies I work closely. I am a dedicated priestess of Ma'at, student of Thoth, and companion of Anubis. I work with Sekhmet, Hathor, Nephthyes, Khonsu, Isis, Waget, as well as many others who show up as needed or call upon.


Something I have learned during my time with the Egyptian Mysteries and in Egypt is this: The temples and sacred places, even those that have little resemblance to their once grand majestic beauty, are still alive and pulsing with the energy imbued in them so long ago. It is as though the temple locations are acupressure points on the planet. I believe that when we walk these sites with intention and prayer, we enliven ourselves, our communities, and our world with healing. I find that when we allow ourselves to sink in and access the divine wisdom that the Egyptian Pantheon bring, we open to a matrix of essential knowledge just waiting for our attention. Egypt and her mysteries have the magic to help us to arrive fully into the present moment where it is that we receive the breath of life.


During my tours in Egypt, in workshops, and private sessions with clients, the archetypal energies of these potent goddesses and gods help to guide us into a more profound understanding of oneself in the context of deep time and infinite space. Although there is always an intention and a foundation for the work I offer with the Egyptian Mysteries, I humbly honor that it is indeed a mystery, a mystery that reveals itself only in the moment of attention and creation.


I am honored to be your guide into the Egyptian Mysteries during  private sessions as your guide into the mysteries. If you are interested in hosting an Egyptian Mysteries workshop in your hometown, please CONTACT ME to discuss details.


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