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I have been the in house graphic designer for Cafe Mam since 2001 and take on other design jobs from time to time. I may be available to help with your design projects - packaging, business cards, brochures, fliers, etc. Please contact me to see if I can meet your needs. I created both this website and Zahra Handworks Foundation’s with Adobe Muse. Though, admittedly I know absolutely nothing about code or programing, I am skilled at layout.  My design rate does not include any printing, which is a separate fee from the printer of your choice. I will provide print ready files.


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I am available to facilitate your meetings, workshops, or councils. My training has focused on council facilitation with skill running many types of meetings. My experience includes facilitating the Oregon Country Fair Board of Directors for over five years, two years as the chair of the Emerald Valley Time Exchange, and the current chair of the Zahra Handworks Foundation. Additionally, I have facilitated and assisted a variety of meetings and workshops over the years. Contact me for more information, to explore whether I am a good fit for your needs, and to discuss my fees.


I am available to offer consultation for non-profit development. I have experience developing organizational structures and systems, writing by-laws, and sitting on the boards of several non-profits. Whether starting a new organization or wanting someone to discuss ongoing development of an existing organization, I may be able to help.

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