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Revolution, Our Evolution


This is about a revolution.

The revolution is our evolution.

Revolution. Our evolution.

It is time for us to evolve.

It is time for us to come together,

you and me,

to create our future in a spirit

of cooperation and unity.

It is not about us or them,

black or white, left or right.

It is about one people.

One Life. One planet.

How can we all be a part of

the revolution, our evolution?

It is about working

for the betterment of every living being.

It is about understanding that

the revolution, our evolution is freeing.

In this revolution,

There is no war

No fighting

No trying

To break down the powers that be.

In our evolution

There is only you and me

Living our life in harmony.

To good to be true you say?


But really, it is simple.

The revolution, our evolution

starts by taking the time to come together

from across party lines, welfare lines, grocery lines,

to help each other out.

It is about moving beyond the limitation

of a whole lot of individuals

into the realization

that we are all part of the whole.

Co-creating the revolution is our evolution,

carrying us all on a wave of collective enlightenment.

There is no need for refinement,

no need for everyone to understand.

Just trust that the revolution,

our evolution is underway.

More and more joining it everyday

without even knowing it.

It starts with a hello and how do you do.

Reaching out to help each other out

regardless of race, color, or creed.

No more need

to live our lives with greed.

We have but this one planet

Nowhere else to go.


Let us wake up.

Let us come together.

Let us respect our differences.

Let us join in the revolution.

Our evolution



©2018 Sacred Witness /  K. Indigo Rønlov, MA