A million thank you's would not be enough for all that you are and all that you did to create the most magical, fabulous trip! Even though I'm still seriously groggy, my suitcase remains filled with stinky clothes, and I haven't made it through the mail yet, I'm so very happy and grateful and filled with wonder about our entire adventure. I'm certain that I will continue to discover new insights and find new ways to embrace the Neteru for years to come, thanks to our trip together.

~ Linda, Washington DC (Shamanic Egyptian Alchemy, Oct/Nov 2015)


You and Sandy are an amazing combination. So much knowledge between the two of you so skillfully integrated into our share time, and each of the processes. Both of you seem very easy going but truly organized and on it.  I hope you both know just how much your intention and gifts made the trip phenomenal.

~ Kathy G., California (Shamanic Egyptian Alchemy Tour to Egypt Oct/Nov 2015)


Indigo is a gifted healer and guide. She has helps us find our place by reminding us of the sacred purpose of our lives.

~ Celene & Tony, Oregon (Clients)


I had the great pleasure of being a participant and fellow traveler with Indigo on a recent Shamanic Journeys sacred excursion to Egypt. Indigo was totally present in all the many roles that were required of her as a group leader. She was constantly aware of, and attentive to participants needs; handled situations when they arouse with authority and compassionate attention; and brought her joy, her knowledge of the Egyptian pantheon, and her beautiful flute melodies to each day. I would recommend her as a knowledgeable & cohesive leader for any upcoming workshops or sacred journeys.

~ Sandra Corcoran, M. Ed., psychotherapist, shamanic counselor, author of Shamanic Awakening, workshop facilitator, ceremonial leader & Thoth tarot reader.  (Tour with Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully Nov. 2014)


When I first considered Alchemical healing for my now chronically injured foot, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Something told me that this approach would address issues that were not being addressed by traditional medicine which so far has provided little relief. The results I had after a single session were nothing short of remarkable. That evening when I touched the problem area on my foot I was astounded with what I felt. The angry hot buzzing that had been there for weeks and weeks was completely gone.  I was eager for another treatment and received a profound guided journey which reinforced my body's ability to reduce and manage the symptoms I was having. Indigo is an insightful and gifted teacher and you would do well to explore this type of healing with her no matter what your issue is.

~ Melanie, Eugene, OR (Alchemical Healing Workshop participant and client)

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